Urban Text, cet espace nommé Balkans

It is through the prism of urban space that the Urban Text exhibition reveals the complexity of the Balkans, a multicultural territory with shifting definitions. From the traces of the Ottoman Empire to the stigmata of the 20th century wars, the city has become a palimpsest of collective writings, a mirror of history and imagination. Between construction, erasure and transformation, political and individual dynamics have left their mark on architecture and monuments.

A selection of artists working in the Balkans testifies to this with strength and delicacy, seizing on memories and current events to create intimate, critical or dreamlike works. They underline the historical density of South-East Europe, as well as the diversity of influences that have shaped this region for centuries, and whose populations are the reflection. 

Part of the exhibition is the film Bigger Than Life(2018) by Adnan Softić and Nina Softić. 

Wann? Wo?
15. September - 11. Dezember 2022
Institut des Cultures d'Islam
19 Rue Léon
75018 Paris, France

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