Climate Design

Climate Design

Scripting and Simulation Techniques for Sustainable Architectural Design

Quelle: KET Lehrstuhl

Leveraging the current trend in computer-aided architectural design (CAAD) on using scripting to algorithmically define form, the research project proposes to explore the interaction of such technique with existing physically realistic building simulation. The aim is to instantiate a design feedback loop informing the designer-programmer about sustainability performance, making him accustomed with complex interrelated questions and empowered to arbitrate between potentially conflicting choices early in the design process.

The approach allows at the initial design phase - where most impacting better-performing decisions can be made - the inclusion of parameters crucial to the building's sustainability. This enables building physics engineers to subsequently amend and optimize already well-performing designs.

The project builds on the ongoing development of the open-source ANAR+ library for the IDE which provides a framework for algorithmic parametric form exploration. By focusing on available open-source simulation software, it encourages its use by non-specialists towards sustainability informed performative design.

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Julien Nembrini

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