Developing an embodied Practice

Quelle: fem_arc

fem_arc studio invites DisOrdinary Architecture Project

3-day online studio, will be held in english

BA Module 12/14 = 3 ECTS
MA Module 5 = 3 ECTS
also open for design students

Introduction + questions: 

  • Monday 2.11.  6-7 pm

Studio sessions:

  • Monday 9.11. 3-7pm
  • Tuesday 10.11. 10am-6pm
  • Wednesday 11.11 10am-6pm

Applications per email until Monday 2.11. at 5 pm to
Please write us why you are interested in being in the studio and which semester you are in! We can only accept 15 participants



In the current pandemic, everyday 'normal' lives have been shifted out of place; as what is conventionally public and private, inside and outside, visible and invisible, included and excluded has been re-mixed across assumed locations, spaces and encounters. This has produced an intense awareness, requiring the paying of new kinds of attentiveness to the simplest tasks, noticing dis/ordinary encounters with others, and with local built and natural spaces, and explicitly taking a position over issues of care and interconnectedness. The unpredictability and uncertainty of going to the shops or the park, or finding a place to have online meetings, requires creative skills in navigation and negotiation - an expertise many disabled people would say they already have just by living in that 'normal' world.

What, then, can be learnt from lockdown? By precisely mapping and reflecting on these changed everyday practices, as they intersect with our already diverse bodyminds and particular situations, can we open up spaces for designing differently? Can we take the opportunity to work towards a new and better world? Can we imagine experimental and provocative spaces that liberate and value diverse bodyminds, rather than merely going back to perpetuating a world designed for normative bodies and relationships?



Lucía Gauchat Schulte
Océane Réveillac
Ana Rodriguez Bisbicus
Amelie Schindler
Lara Stöhlmacher
Insa Streit
Aslı Varol