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FAQconcrete is a student initiative working for a more climate-literate architecture education at the UdK Berlin. We demand a greater focus on topics such as climate justice, sustainable building methods, and materials.

In the summer semester 2022 we have planned a series of events, trips, discussion groups and lectures in order to learn more about relevant topics as a group. Some events are still in the making but here’s a little teaser for the semester:


Week 1 Monday 25.04. 16:00 Kick-off
Bike trip to several buildings built from wood in the city of Berlin getting to know each other.  If you can’t join the bike tour we will meet around 19:00 at a Späti. All detailed info in the telegram channel below.

Week 2
Discussion meeting at UdK

Week 3+4 Vernacular architecture
Discussion and lecture about architecture and permaculture

Week 5+6 Circular ways of building
Visit to circular building start up Concular.

Week 7 Workshop: building with straw and adobe
A guest from France will show us how to build with straw and adobe in a 2-3 days workshop




If you would like to receive all the information regarding the meetings, please join our telegram channel: https://t.me/FAQconcrete