SeminarSeminar 5.0 - F(r)iction

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SeminarSeminar is an experimental, student-run learning environment. Approaching the question of knowledge production and meaning making from interdisciplinarity and horizontality, we engage in alternative visions of how university can be collectively thought and embodied. We would like to invite you to join the explorations, to co-develop the framework with us.

Together we aim at creating a social environment; a working process grounded in listening, care and solidarity; a safe space to discern and to share authentically, tuned to increase our collective intelligence and emergent potentials; where we can learn about ourselves and mutually co-develop together.

Oscillating within the liminal space between fact and f(r)iction, theory and practice, action and reflection, we engage playfully with a sincere intention: What forms of togetherness do we want in our university? How can we embody the change we want to see happening? What are other valid forms of knowledge created, which are being overlooked in conventional ways of looking at education? How are our inner experiences connected to the outer structures of our institutions and society?

Animating the richness of differences among us and the worlds we inhabit, we explore the embodiment of a co-created spatial practice: discovering, discerning, producing and using f(r)ictions within ourselves and our environments to strive towards a process of continuous renegotiation of the structures that produce us and that we produce, holding space for the emergence of pathways that could lead us to a more meaningful, inclusive and enjoyable future within our institution and beyond.

Kicking-off our collective working process, we dedicate the first sessions of the semester to facilitate our group building process, providing practices and tools to build relationships and to work together. A loose structure of the semester is then proposed, that we intend to co-develop together, as our working process unfolds- culminating in an energetic collective body where the distinctions between instructor and student, performer and spectator, art and life become blurry.



The world is in motion. Particles flicker around, making their way through a landscape of temperature differences, pressure gradients, currents and turbulence, tossed back and forth by irregular impacts, undirected, dynamic. frrrrrrriiiiinnngggg Substances react, diffuse, join together, form bonds, change their properties. Energies are released and transformed. wwwhooooaoa

The body is in motion, interacting, feeling, remembering, desiring and dreaming. mhhhh Through the collision flllluuuuuupssss of different bodies, their relationship, their meaning, their power is transformed. Friction is created, rrrrrrrrrhhhhh which is able to translate the clash of difference into energy. Every body is a carrier of energy, every relationship between bodies a dynamic process of energy transformation. boooooingggg The production of knowledge, experience and feelings. The world becomes with each other.

Political struggles, social movements, cooperations and friendships are dynamic constellations of bodies that enable the energy released to be potentiated, focused, given direction. asdibksdbcljbessbsssssvssss We should look, be attentive, sensitive and affirmative, engage, expose and intensify. "The merging of the self with its environment marks the disappearance of the ego and its replacement by a living web of multiple linkages that empower not the ego but the collective, not identity but affirmative subjectivity." Rosi Braidotti

Recognising, challenging, allowing and redirecting the energy released by the clash of our differences into collectively designed movements should be present goals in the search for a future world. "It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to acknowledge, accept and celebrate those differences." Audre Lorde



Soft registration until 24th April to to receive more detailed information about the seminar and the location of our first meeting.


Athors: Polly Bruchlos, Oliver Gudzowski, Barbara Herschel, Kasper Jamme, Felix Künkel, Jakob Köchert, Canan Oeztekin

Wahlfach / BA Modul14 / MA Modul05 / 5 ECTS
Stadterneuerung / Modul03 / 3 ECTS

Thursdays 11:00-13:00 or 18:00-20:00
alternating and depending on the content and nature of our planned meetings

First Meeting: 28.04