AI Toolkit

Quelle: Sina Ateian

AI Toolkit

Sina Ateian

The seminar is designed for students seeking to tackle the power of artificial intelligence in their creative projects. Through hands-on activities and discussions, we introduce the fundamentals of AI technology, such as machine learning and neural networks, and explore how these concepts can be applied in art and media production, by breaking down a detailed case study. Participants examine how AI tools can inspire innovative ideas, streamline their processes, and leave the seminar armed with a multi-aspect understanding and a handful of practical skills.

Case study steps:

  1. Prompting ….. Prompt engineering with models & modalities
  2. Workflow …. Creating and testing new production pipelines
  3. Organization…. Making order from chaos and project management
  4. Compositing …. Integrating AI elements into cohesive visual worlds
  5. Training …. Customer training AI models on your own IP and data

Participants: A maximum of 20 participants are eligible to enroll.

Please register in advance: sina.ataeian(at)

Date: 30th April
Time: 14h to 18h
Location: GRU 129