METHEXIS - on site sensitivity and it's Entanglements ll: from Methexis to Praxis

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METHEXIS - on site sensitivity and it's Entanglements ll: from Methexis to Praxis

Nina Fischer & Marina Fokidis


How necessary is it to speak exclusively in terms of concrete geography and distinctions? Especially, if we want to define a destiny that claims real freedom or at least an attempt at it. From where do we start, if we want to open up a possibility for discursive change to occur? Whose experiences are being narrated here by whom and why?” How can we go even further, beyond the cultural dependence between the “center” and the “peripheries”?

Through various meetings with local cultural professional of the island of Hydra, visits in exhibitions and historical as well as private archives., lectures by Greek art or international art professionals, group  readings, film projections, discussions as well as practical- sensitive exercises - like walking and swimming and peripatetic seminars, students will be invited to approach and understand- in praxis- a new location, the historical island of Hydra. The idea is not only to understand the history and the contemporaneity of Greece, but also the limitations and parameters of our own physical beings and coexistence. Creating new commons, based on empathy and resonance, and through the shaping of a collective or individual minor practical projects, will be a bliss. 

The methodology of the class will be based on the book The Troubadour of Knowledge by Michel Serres as well as to the methodology of the Aristotelian peripatetic academy. 

Blockseminar und Excursion auf Hydra in Griechenland

16.-22. Juni 2019 (Blockseminar)
Ort: Summerresidenz der Athens School of Fine Arts, Hydra

Enführungsveranstaltung: 1. Termin 09.4.2019, 14-16Uhr
Ort: UDK Grunewaldstrasse, Raum 129