City of Gold – Berlin in Flux: Identity, memory, agency


 Quelle: Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, "Palast der Republik", 2009


5 Excursions (4-5 hours) and one Filmprogram on Wednesdays 
Dates: 18.10., 9.11., 13.12., 24.1., 31.1., 14.2.
First Meeting: 18.10.2023, 12 am - 4 pm at Flussbad Garten:An der Inselbrücke 7,10179 Berlin / Märkisches Ufer

Meetings Points of the following excursions will be announced via mailinglist.

  • Thursday, November 9th: Oranienstraße / Kreuzberg 36 
  • Wednesday, December 13th : Tempelhofer Flughafen and Floating University
  • Wednesday, January 24th: Haus der Statistik and Mitte Fieldtrip, Fotografiska Museum
  • Wednesday, January 31st:  Filmprogram (TBA)
  • Wednesday, Febuary 14th:  Final Presentation at Udk

Outcome: students enrolled in the seminar can choose to create practical artistic projects or written academic work 

(Künstlerisch gestalterisches / Kunst- und Medienwissenschaftliches Fach)

Language: English and German

A maximum of 20 participants from KUM are eligible to enroll. 
Other students may join upon arrangement, subject to availability.

Please register in advance by e-mail to the tutor: elisabethjohannaschol(at)

Vanina Saracino (she/they) is an independent curator, writer, and lecturer at UdK.