video mapping workshop with Kalma

Quelle: Cristina Moreno

Workshop with Kalma

In this practical class, we will explore the possibilities of video mapping in real time, as well as the different kinds of mappings, the use of live cameras and sound reaction and the implementation of video players to run video installations for long periods. The software used is Madmapper, the reference application for video mapping andprojections that is designed specially for artists.

The objective of this seminar is to articulate, develop and execute an idea from its conception to its final development. The results will be presented at the end of the course. For this occasion, we have the support of Madmapper, who will supply us with a full license of the software for every student that will run for one month without restrictions.

Kalma is an audiovisual artist based in Berlin that implements real-time processes to create Immersive installations, light sculptures, mapping projections and audiovisual performances. Across a variety of formats her signature is undoubtedly the profound synaesthesia between the soundscape and her visual structure. Since 2010 Kalma has been running the “Vjing and 3D Mapping Techniques Workshop”, which has been specifically designed by the artist. She also works as Live Video Dozent for the New York University Berlin and the Deutsche Oper.