Links and Intervals: Editing Together Different Materials and Formats

Links and Intervals: Editing Together Different Materials and Formats

WS 2019/20
Lehrender: Dane Komljen
Ort: Raum 123

Freitag, 22.11. und Samstag, 23.11 (11-18 Uhr)
Freitag, 29.11. und Samstag, 30.11 (11-18 Uhr)
Freitag, 06.12. (11-15 Uhr)

„Links and Intervals: Editing Together Different Materials and Formats“

During this seminar, we will explore how to edit together footage shot on different format, at different times and by different people. By way of film examples, discussion and finally practice, we will discover how different connections can be forged and flows of still and moving images be formed, whether from images shot in colour or black and white, from images made decades apart or from archive materials and specifically created footage. The seminar will take place in three blocks.  During the 1st block, students will explore examples of films shot on celluloid, video and digital formats, films created from found footage and texts dealing with the idea of foraging for links between disparate images. We will watch films of Chris Marker, Brian de Palma, Joaquim Pinto and Nuno Leonel and Zhu Shengze among others. At the end of the block, students will be given a specific piece of archive material and be invited to create a short work of up to 3 minutes that also incorporates their own footage. The 2nd block takes place one week later and will involve each student's work being viewed, worked upon and discussed with the tutor in a series of one-on-one meetings. The final block takes the form of a group screening and discussion of all the works created.

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Die Teilnehmer*innenzahl ist begrenzt (maximal 16 Studierende)

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