Projekt #3: Audial Bodies

Audial Bodies
Prof. Dr. Berit Greinke & Prof. Dr. Daniel Hromada (Institut für experimentelles Bekleidungs- und Textildesign & Institut für zeitbasierte Medien)
English/Deutsch, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS, this course takes place in presence, 2G+ (place will be announced after enrolment)
Topics: Interaction, Sensors, Sound, Bodies, Gestures

Self-Enrolment key / Einschreibschlüssel: Kollisionen2022_345
Self-enrolment starts 13.12., 9 h / Anmeldung auf Moodle ab 13.12., 9 Uhr: > Hochschulübergreifend > Kollisionen > Projekt #3

Musicologist Ludwik Bielawski describes musical instruments as 'Transformers', which transform the gestures of a musician into musical gestures. Borrowing this concept, in Audial Bodies we will explore transforming our movements into musical gestures using interactive sensor technologies. Unlike acoustic instruments, whose bodies, materials and shapes result in specific sound qualities, a digital instrument has no such requirements, as input and output can be arbitrarily mapped. This, according to Thor Magnusson, evokes what digital design often does not: “We don’t want [digital musical instruments] to be controller-interfaces: we want mystery and magic, discoverability and surprise”.

Audial Bodies is part of a series of workshops/hackathons on interactive instrument design organised by Synth Design at eight different institutions world-wide. Focusing on the challenges of ‘body’ and ‘earth’, participants will work on concepts and prototypes in interdisciplinary teams. Interactive technologies (microcontrollers, sensors and electronic components) are provided at no costs.     

Quelle: Kollisionen 2022
Quelle: Kollisionen 2022