Projekt #7: Colliding Climate Awareness, Art & Pleasure Activism

Colliding Climate Awareness, Art & Pleasure Activism
Luïza Luz & Lilli Hillerich & Nicolai Herzog (AG Klima & Klasse Klima)
English/Deutsch, 2 SWS, 2 ECTS, online & in 3G+ presence (place will be announced after enrolment)
Topics: Visibility, Collaboration, Art, Engagement, Joy

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How can the arts support the emergence of climate awareness in academic environments? This workshop is an open call to all UdK students, academic and artistic members of staff, working with diverse mediums to engage, envision, and propose permanent art pieces for climate awareness to be displayed/experienced at UdK’s buildings. The proposal is to be creative, and think out of the box, through intersectional approaches, combining diverse disciplines, and mediums (design, writing, sound, photography, installation, gardening, etc), and make sustainable topics, initiatives, and thoughts visible to all members of this institution.
During the program, participants will receive inputs and references of artists working in the intersection of art and activism, get to know the history of climate awareness at UdK (AG Klima, Klasse Klima, AStA Klima, etc), and develop creative ideas.


Quelle: Kollisionen 2022
Quelle: Kollisionen 2022
Quelle: Kollisionen 2022