Oxford - UdK Berlin Partnership in Arts and Humanities - Spaces, Bridges, Encounters

Quelle: Bernd Grether

Since the beginning of 2020, the Berlin University of the Arts, Oxford in Berlin, and the Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH), have been undertaking the development of a research “bridge” between UdK Berlin and the Oxford Humanities. The underlying concept aims at exploring new methodologies, new modes of representation, and new uses of language that are applicable to the Arts and the Sciences alike. A series of projects, drawn from UdK Berlin and the TORCH research networks have brought together researchers and artists in both locations to discuss and develop the potential of a collaboration between art and science in a range of exciting academic areas. Among these, several confront some of the most pressing issues facing the world and humanity.

In January 2024, the universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding to give the partnership a firm foundation.

The encounter between arts and science advocates a worldview, which willfully goes beyond disciplinary borders and embraces speculative, subjective approaches in research and creation. This corresponds with the complex challenges the world is facing today.

TORCH was founded in 2013 as a hub for intellectual collaboration and cross-disciplinary research projects, based in the Humanities at the University of Oxford. While their funding, training and networks develop research projects and careers, their engagement activity increases the social impact and understanding of humanities research amongst a wider public audience. The partnership between TORCH and UdK aims to enable both universities to share best practice and learn together on future innovations by connecting researchers and staff at both universities.

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