Seedfunding for Creative Collaborations

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Extended Deadline: 31 October 2022

Oxford - UdK Berlin - Seedfunding for Creative Collaborations

The University of Oxford and the Berlin University of the Arts invite their researchers, artists and designers to participate in the Oxford – UdK Berlin Partnership initiative in the Arts and Humanities. The initiative is intended to strengthen the ties both between the two institutions and between artistic and academic disciplines, and this is the second seedfunding call made by the partners to facilitate interdisciplinary research projects. Proposals for the seedfunding scheme should be jointly submitted by at least one faculty member from each institution (University of Oxford: a salaried faculty member or equivalent at post-doctoral level; Berlin University of the Arts: professors and mid-level faculty – artistic staff, research assistant in tandem with a professor – are eligible to apply).

Colleagues from other partners/ institutions outside the universities are able to participate. Please note, however, that they will have to bear their own costs. The universities are interested in project ideas which have the potential for credible applications to other funders at a later stage.

Eligible projects will run between 01 January 2023 and 30 November 2023, with activities taking place in either Berlin or Oxford, or in both. Across all projects, the funding provided by the universities for this funding call is 40.000 €. An extension (cost-neutral) may be possible should there be mitigating circumstances such as the continuation of the current pandemic.

Proposals should be written in English and submitted in both universities by 31 October 2022.


This is the second of three annual seed-funding calls that are projected to take place. Each round has an anticipated distribution, across both institutions and all funded projects, of 40,000 euros.


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Further Info:

At Berlin University of the Arts
Marianne Karthäuser/ Julia Warmers
Phone:  +49 (0) 30 3185 2163
Email:   seedfunding.oxford_

At Oxford University
Alasdair MacDonald
Phone:  +44 (0) 7872 197201
Email:    alasdair.macdonald_

At Oxford in Berlin (
Emilia Boehm
Phone:   +49 (0) 151 20656652
Email:    emilia.boehm_

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