13 March 2024 | Hybrid Bodies | InKüLe supported student workshop: Disembodiment and Spatiality of Voice

Quelle: InKüLe / Maryna Makarenko, Özcan Ertek

When: 13th, March 2024 (Wed), 14:00 - 18:00

Where: Design & Computation studio - TU main building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin   (https://www.newpractice.net/get-here)

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Disembodiment and Spatiality of Voice

The workshop is on exploration of human voice in physical and digital spaces and offers a collective journey that goes beyond conventional boundaries of gender and identity. It encourages participants to appreciate the diverse and imaginative possibilities of voice expression.

It commences with a collective tuning-in session, where we connect with each other and our surroundings through a series of Deep Listening scores. Following this, we'll embark on vocal warm-up exercises, both individually and in pairs.

Additionally, there will be a brief theoretical input discussing voice modulation techniques with a diverse array of examples showcasing the use of voice across various digital art platforms, delving into how these mediums shape perception and construct different identities.

In the second part of the workshop, we'll explore recording our voices and experimenting with various filters and modulations. The culmination will be the creation of a miniature sound installation, featuring our voice samples arranged into a choir-like composition.


Maryna Makarenko is a Ukrainian-born multimedia artist, performer, and facilitator of artistic laboratories. Primarily based in Berlin, she completed her studies in Art and Media at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her artistic practice blends various media, including video, performance, sound, and voice.

Özcan Ertek, born in Istanbul and based in Berlin, holds a master's degree in Sound Engineering and Sonic Arts from Istanbul Technical University (2015). He also pursued a diploma in Art and Media and master's in Art in Context at the University of the Arts Berlin. Combining his backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering and sound, Ertek's interdisciplinary works explore human-machine-nature relations and critique the societal impacts of new technologies. Since November 2018, he has been performing music and exhibiting media arts and kinetic sound installations in Berlin.


The Hybrid Bodies workshop series comes from an open call for student-led workshops initiated and supported by InKüLe. As we navigate the digital age, we see how it affects our connection with our voices and bodies. Identity is fluid, realities overlap, and bodies are always in an in-between state. How do our bodies adjust to the changing stories of our online/offline presence? In this call, we seek passionate students eager to explore and discuss voice, body, and digitality intersections with an interdisciplinary student audience. We invite them to propose a workshop topic they're interested in or currently researching in these areas. We co-curate selected proposals with our team, providing technical support, spatial organisation and general planning of the workshop. The workshops are open to students from all UdK departments, offering a place for transdisciplinary exploration and exchange.