22 March 2024 | Hybrid Bodies | InKüLe supported student workshop: Speak Your Story - A Linguistic Exploration of Identity and Diversity

Quelle: InKüLe / Jane Hwang

When: 22. March 2024 (Fri),  14:00 - 16:30

Where: Design & Computation studio - TU main building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin   (https://www.newpractice.net/get-here)

Participants: Open to UdK students interested in getting to know others and willing to share their personal stories. Participation of BIPOC women is particularly welcome! 

Registration for UdK-students: Please complete this form. You will receive a confirmation from us when you have successfully registered.


Speak Your Story: A Linguistic Exploration of Identity and Diversity

How do we ask questions to learn about each other?

What do our mother tongues reveal about us?

How do different languages shape our identities? Mother tongue, foreign languages or

even memes?

How do we define similarities or differences in terms of languages and cultures?


In this workshop, participants explore the tapestry of human diversity through the lens of language and culture. Inspired by historical practices during WW1, where German linguists deep-surveyed war prisoners to understand foreign languages and cultures, our workshop aims to revive this research methodology in a contemporary context. This workshop will encourage participants to delve into the intricate web of human connections, foster understanding, and challenge preconceived notions.


Jane Hwang is a multimedia artist based in Berlin. She studied at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design (B.F.A. in Painting) and the Berlin University of the Arts (M.A. in Art in Context), where she focused on interdisciplinary research bridging theories and media production. Her works revolve around exploring the boundary between history, the present, and the future from a narrative perspective through time-based art.


The Hybrid Bodies workshop series comes from an open call for student-led workshops initiated and supported by InKüLe. As we navigate the digital age, we see how it affects our connection with our voices and bodies. Identity is fluid, realities overlap, and bodies are always in an in-between state. How do our bodies adjust to the changing stories of our online/offline presence? In this call, we seek passionate students eager to explore and discuss voice, body, and digitality intersections with an interdisciplinary student audience. We invite them to propose a workshop topic they're interested in or currently researching in these areas. We co-curate selected proposals with our team, providing technical support, spatial organisation and general planning of the workshop. The workshops are open to students from all UdK departments, offering a place for transdisciplinary exploration and exchange.