Entwurf MA und BA 3. Studienjahr/ Sommersemester 2022

LB Elke Sterling-Presser, WM Christian Schmidts, T Angely Angulo Meza

Mittwochs ab 14 Uhr R316


Imagine a fantasy realm where nobody is content to live a single life at a time. Everybody is conscious of multiple worlds that are like twisted skeins of truth, a roiling rope of realities. What kind of planet would you use as a setting?

“Unser bewusstes Wirklichkeitsmodell ist eine niedrigdimensionale Projektion der unvorstellbar reicheren physikalischen Wirklichkeit, die uns umgibt.”
― Thomas Metzinger

The student’s task will be to speculate on the architecture that would need to inhabit the context of these newly created multiple worlds. Where space and time collapse together (past, present, and future) and where these worlds metamorphose into a new hybrid?

The constructed worlds will be based on the student’s interests. It can be social, cultural, political, economic, environmental, technological, or any other topic the student wants to explore.



Elke Sterling-Presser

→ e.presser@gmx.de


26. April Intro

15. Juni Zwischenprasentation

20. Juli Endpräsentation


We already live in a fictional world. There are fictional narratives everywhere; religious ones, political ones, social, historical, futuristic, personal ones etc. They are all unreal and fabricated. Yet they form and create cultures, societies, communities and can manifest themselves in the physical world through artefacts such as literature, art, architecture and right the way through to whole cities. Fictions are everywhere, and they create REAL worlds. 

The site of speculation is Teufelsberg, a non- natural hill in the Grunewald forest in Berlin. The hill is made of debris and rubble, and covers an unfinished Nazi military-technical college (Wehrtechnische Fakultät). During the Cold War, there was a U.S. listening station on the hill, Field Station Berlin. The site of the former field station is now fenced off and is crumbling, resulting partly in a merging with the surrounding nature.


Students can speculate on the questions:

-Can humans and biodiversity coexist?

-How could we live on our damaged planet by radically changing our relationship with it?

-How do we preserve and live in a sustainable balance on planet Earth?

-Are the futures of forests and cities interconnected?

-Can culture be a useful way to connect ecology and progress?

-What is the Secret Network of Nature?

-How can we gain knowledge of the outer world if the the problem of consciousness is all about subjective experience, about the structure of our inner life ?


The Structure

Part 01 Sensing and experimentation

Project thesis

Group work: approx. 3-4 students per group

The first two weeks will be used to explore the site. Students are asked to invent their fragments catalogue by finding ‘architectural and natural’ objects on the actual site, connecting, past, present and future. They will investigate on the tactility and physical phenomena hot/ cold/ light/ dark, the movement of air and water, taste, … of the objects.

Following the development of the fragments catalogue students will be asked to develop and explore building programmes that are relevant to their specific interests.

They will develop their project thesis by asking following questions:

- What is the past of this place?

- How does the past, present and future interconnect?

- How does nature and structure interact?

- Who is your protagonist?

- Who are the projects for?- What are the projects?- When are the projects proposed?

- Why should these project be developed?

The students will use photography, drawing, experimental collages, digital 3D scans, film, written or spoken word to develop their thesis and explore why fiction is relevant in architecture and for people’s spaces.

How can narrative be a practical tool for acting in the world?

20. April 2022                                  


27. April 2022

Site analysis, site visit Teufelsberg         

04. Mai 2022

Fragments catalogue of architectural and natural elements                                       

11. Mai 2022                                    

five W’s of your project, make an experimental collage


Part 02 Making - Material and model

The second part is spent developing the spatial, material and constructional language of the project. As such the focus of the term will be on collage, model making, and technical drawings.

The aim of this part is that you translate ideas into space, material and structure. Students will define the project’s use, materials, scale and precise location by constant drawing and making small sketch models. Everyone will be encouraged to test ideas quickly by thinking via making and speculating via trial and error. From Drawing to Making: Working off these collages, we then enter a period of model making. The aim of this first set of models is to begin the process of translation.


18. Mai 2022                                    

collage sessions/ designing systems

25. Mai 2022                                    

digital and analogue model making

01. Juni 2022


08. Juni 2022                                   

Drawing Detail ‘fragment’


Part 03 Connecting

The third part is when the students will focus on telling the story of their project.

How will it be used by the residents, both human and non-human? How will they cohabit under your new hybrid life system? What is the atmosphere and environment which you project will enable?

If design was a language how would you express yourselves? How can drawings ‘talk’ and express passion, disagreement, tolerance, refusal and criticism?

The students will having a strong focus on atmospheric and expressive drawings, models and series of working prototypes. Ambient drawing involves material choices, light conditions, space qualities and human emotions, sensual experiences. Students should develop a very personal working method, design obsession and virtuosity.


15. Juni 2022                                   

Mid term presentation

22. Juni 2022                                   

Plan drawing

29. Juni 2022                                   

Technical Drawing Detail

06. Juli 2022                                     

Drawing Elevation and section

13. Juli 2022                                     

Preparation for end presentation

20. Juli 2022                                     

End presentation with guests