WORKSHOP - Panoramas of Cinema

Quelle: LS Palz
Quelle: LS Palz


WORKSHOP mit Jorge Orozco, researcher and lecturer at the Chair for CAAD in the ETH Zurich’s Department of Architecture

The workshop "Panoramas of Cinema" celebrates the abundance of movies available online and the machine
intelligence to operate them. This workshop deals with hundreds of thousands of frames from
hundreds of movies so as to construct private and personal panoramas. The intent is twofold: to
cultivate the programmatic operation of large amounts of frames and dialogues extracted from
movies, and to put together printable artifacts that render an architectural articulation.
Panoramas of Cinema is for students of architecture and other non-disciplines who would like to
celebrate and challenge the abundance of information online and its algorithms, and explore the
narratives engendered by this novel interplay. There are no special requirements to join the
workshop other than to have a laptop with an internet connection.

The programming language is Python, and the environment is Jupyter Notebook—both open
source and developed by a robust community. Throughout the workshop, there will be
complementary talks about key concepts that will support the creation of the participant’s
consistent and printable artifacts.

Quelle: LS Palz
Quelle: LS Palz