documentation studio summer 2020: spaces of solidarity

The current situation with the covid19 pandemic is challenging physical contact and bringing new spatial manifestation of caring for each other and practicing distance. Between April and October 2020 the University of the Arts, Chair for Design and Building Planning, hosted the design studio Spaces of Solidarity as a contribution to the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020. Starting under the conditions of covid19 lockdown we asked: What do we understand under the term solidarity and how do we practice it? Where does solidarity take place in urban, digital and domestic space? How are the thresholds, intersections and divisions shaped through distance? What can we imagine for the typologies of solidarity within the blurred boundaries of semi-public and radical domestic after the “corona-crisis”? Mappings and ethnographic drawings as archeologies on Berlin’s lockdown situations built the base for the explorations around the term solidarity and its spatial manifestations. Six mapping and video projects, analyse and speculate about possible futures of spaces beyond the binaries of private and public.

Juana Joceline Acevedo Hülsbusch, Polly Bruchlos, Beke, Juliette Delaplace-Columelli, Paula Granda Ojeda, Julia Hartmeyer, Grete Akinyi Ohlendorf

Link to the documentation website of the studio