A picture showing the view from the side of a lake is held the blurred facades of a Berlin street.
Quelle: SpaetiSpaeti

We’ve been told, cities are vibrant, full of offers and opportunities,
We’ve been told distance is the new cool, 
We’ve been told, households are the only valuable status, 
We’ve been told density is a liability. 

How do we recreate social density within social distancing in these times and spaces ? 

We escape the city, we dive in a sparse landscape,
We explore urban spheres far from density in compressed circumstances 
To densify, to spend an intense time at a distance 
While being locally interconnected 
Through public space, daily rituals
And residential separation.

Seminarseminar3.0 expands its working-sphere to a locally-distant non-excursion. The rules stay the same. Each participant is both teacher and student, decisions are made collectively within the group, responsibilities are shared. 

We want to explore the concept of density collectively. Being agents in a controlled environment, a small place, compressing time and space, using the format of a Blockseminar to help densify our thoughts and actions. Appropriating a Kiosk to become a social-space a few hours from Berlin, moving through a village that welcomes us to stay and experiment within its specific context and boundaries. 

Soft registration until 15.04.2021 to hallohallo@spaetispaeti.eu, to receive detailed information about time, place and hygiene-concept of this seminar. 

First informative Apéritivo-Club online 15.04.2021, 7pm @webex, for introduction and questions concerning organisation and travelling. Taking part in the Apéritivo-Club is mandatory to be part of the Seminar.  

Final Application until 19.04.2021 to hallohallo@spaetispaeti.eu with a following first breakfast club 20.4.2021, 9am @webex

Situated Blockseminar 26. - 30.04. (+ following exhibition 01. - 02.05.2021, non-mandatory) *

See our website www.seminarseminar.spaetispaeti.eu or instagram @spaetispaeti.eu for a glimpse of what happened the last semesters.

* Please note that this is a voluntary action-based research-program that requires to be on site for 5 days.
It includes two train- or car-rides to northern germany. There is a possibility for free and separate accommodation hosting max. 2 households. We will work collectively-distant within the max. household allowance and mainly outside. 
We plan to covid-test each accommodation-cluster every two days. 

Verfasser*innen: Antonia Lembcke, Corinna Studier, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Jonas Illigmann, Jonathan Heck

Wahlfach / BA Modul14 / MA Modul05 / 5 ECTS
Stadterneuerung / Modul03 / 3 ECTS