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Information for student applicants at risk

Updated on 08.11.2023

Studies - I am interested in studying at the UdK Berlin

General information

Information about thedegree programmes at the UdK Berlin.

Overview of the the different study programmes:

#Workshop-Series “How to Study at UdK Berlin”: These workshops provide information to prospective students, students and artists at risk about studying at the UdK Berlin and what it has to offer. 

The next worshops will take place in November 2023. Please register here:

  • 9 November 13:00- 15:00 / How to Study at UdK Berlin? Online session (Link tbd)
  • 29 November 10:00 - 12:00 / How to Study at UdK Berlin? At  UdK Berlin (place tbd) 

Application - How do I apply to study at the UdK Berlin?

Information for an application to the UdK Berlin can be found here.

    Guest students - Can I take courses at the UdK Berlin even though I am not enrolled?

    Refugees can participate in courses at the UdK Berlin as "GASTHÖRER*INNEN+" (Guest auditors), subject to the approval of the lecturers. This is also possible for art classes after approval by the faculty and the teachers. Furthermore, it is possible for "GASTHÖRER*INNEN+" to take part in examinations and have this certified by the lecturers.

    The participation in courses within the framework of the guest auditor + is free of charge.

    You can find the application form here.
    Applications can be submitted at the beginning of the semester from October 15 through November 13, 2023.

    How does it work?

    •     Fill out the application form for guest auditor+ status.
    •     Contact the lecturer and ask whether you can attend the course.
    •     Have the application signed; the lecturers can also send the permission to attend by e-mail (as an alternative to a signature).
    •     Submit the application including the confirmation of participation to the Registration and Examination Office (IPA).
    •     Please also provide refugee status or proof of Ukrainian citizenship (passport copy). The offer is also aimed at third-country nationals who have fled Ukraine. For example, a certificate of study from Ukraine can be submitted as proof.

    Where can I find courses or contact persons?

    •     (Theory) Courses / Seminars

    You can find the current course programme online at the beginning of the semester in the UdK course catalogue (in German but some courses are in English).
    You can also find the Studium Generale programme here.

    • Contact persons in the study within the UdK study programmes:

    You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Fine Arts here.

    You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Performing Arts here.

    You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Architecture, Media and Design here.

    You can find a list of contact persons from the College of Music here.

    The contact person for the degree programmes at the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) is Eva-Maria Hoerster.

    Information on guest auditor+ in the Leadership in Digital Innovation degree programme can be found here. The contact person is Sarah Giersch.

    The contact person for the study programme Sound Studies and Sonic Artsis Prof. Kirsten Reese.

    Change of university - I have already studied an artistic subject in Ukraine and would now like to continue this at the UdK Berlin. Is that possible?

    In order to continue your studies at the UdK Berlin, an application and participation in the artistic aptitude test is required. You can find all information about applying to the UdK Berlin here. A decision on the recognition of study and examination achievements will be made after successful admission.

    Certificates - Due to my flight, I no longer have any documents (especially school or university certificates). What do I do now?

    If you are unable to submit the required certificates, uni-assist can check whether you are allowed to study at a German higher education institution on the basis of the information you provide on your school or higher education qualifications in the uni-assist online portal (plausibility check). A self-disclosure form will then be sent to you by uni-assist by post.

    Here you can find information about the degree programmes that require a preliminary check by uni-assist.

    Here you can find the FAQ for refugee applicants on the uni-assist website.

    German language skills - Can I study at the UdK Berlin without German language skills?

    German language skills are required for most degree programmes at the UdK Berlin. Information on the language level required for your degree programme can be found here. Some degree programmes are offered in English (Master Solo/Dance/Authorship), Master Sound Studies and Sonic Arts, Master Jazz, Meisterschüler*in Kunst und Medien).

    If you already have a basic knowledge of German, you can easily take an OnSET at one of the Berlin test centres. Please note that the OnSET is only accepted for application purposes.

    Here you can find the list of accepted language certificates for application and study at the UdK Berlin.

    Contact - Where can I turn if I have questions about studying and applying to the UdK Berlin?

    At the Student Advisory Service, there is support specifically for students and prospective students at risk during the application process and throughout the entire course of study.

    Further information and contact details can be found here.

    Offers - Are there currently special offers at the UdK Berlin?

    Below you will find various programmes for refugee applicants at the UdK Berlin:

          see above
    • Workshop series "How to Study at UdK Berlin".
      From April to November 2023, these workshops will inform prospective students, students and exiled artists about studying at the UdK Berlin and what it has to offer. More information on registration and the topics can be found here.
    • "Fit für die Künste"
      This DAAD Integra programme is a free study orientatation and study skills programme for refugees who wish to apply to study at a German art or music university. The workshops are offered every semester and are divided into four areas: Study Orientation & Application Preparation, Intercultural Study Skills, Empowerment & Resilience, Specialised Languages for Creative Study Subjects. You can find more information here.
    • Common Ground
      This student initiative promotes networking between students and people in exile to make tangible the possibilities of personal and artistic development through study at an art college. Its main activities include the workshop series "How to Study" and the mentoring programme "Common Ground Studio". These projects are funded by the DAAD Welcome Programme and the Faculty of Fine Arts. More information can be found here.

    Centre for Student Refugees at the "StudierendenWERK Berlin"

    The studierendenWERK Berlin has set up the "Centre for Student Refugees", a coordination centre for refugee students and prospective students affected by the war in Ukraine.

    There, refugee students and prospective students receive initial orientation on taking up and/or continuing their studies as well as support for successful studies in Berlin.

    Further information can be found on the page of the studierendenWERK Berlin: