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The Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program serves to deepen theoretical and practical skills in the fields of audio related theory and practice, particularly in cultural studies, musicology, aesthetics, sound art, performance, architecture, design and media production. Students are exposed to methods of scientific and theoretical work, of artistic research as well as artistic and creative practices. Graduates are to be able to apply aspects of auditive art and culture and their conveyance, sound design and consulting as well as scientific reflection within their professional field.

What fields of activity do sound studies prepare for?

  • Sound art and cultural studies of sound (installations, interventions, and performances, curatorial work, historic and phenomenological studies)
  • Architecture (exploration and realization of auditory architectural design)
  • Audiovisual applications (media, product design, corporate design, public spaces
  • Corporate communications and marketing (e.g. sonic brand communication)
  • Production, editing, direction and consulting in the field of sound (film, television, video, theatre, radio, dvd, internet)

source: ZIW Berlin